Life for me is filled with perplexity and positivism through all that you face  . I feel like there is really no way for us to really get to know and to really understand all that happens but the best thing in life is the element of surprise. you just have to put yourself out there and see what happens. This is probably the most terrifying thing for us introverts but the moment you do this you feel amazing.This sense of satisfaction that really makes it all worthwhile regardless of the outcome you went out there and did something you had never done and that is where this blog comes in. I have lived a life for 16 years that has had some fun and exciting moments but its at best average and because i have taken an oath that this year will be different and this year shall be the year when my couch potato ways partially die down I am starting a blog. Its going to be filled with poetry, emotions, and pure perplexity of life I am going to start it with some heyys and end it positively hoping that like this blog my life, my thoughts and others lives too bloom into blizzards of positivity and create a paradise if not in reality atleast in our hearts and in  our minds and not just positivity i am hoping to also spread madness and insanity with my writing. Its not just those things that leaves an impact but also helps to showcase true human madness that we can all connect to. Believe me sanity and decorum are all overrated .You have not lived until you have been so free and so purely critically and mentally insane that logic and embarrassment to the acts that society ask of you no longer matter and you feel at peace in your own maddened state, that is the true expression that is what true writing can do.


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